A FOREST (2004)



Over my shoulder and back, back, back…

A Forest is a place where skin is turned into wallets and straw gets spun into gold; where being an ass means looking an ass; where storming off alone can mean the difference between life or death.

Made for limited capacity audiences A Forest is an intimate event fusing cutting edge sound work with upfront live performance. A stab wound in the heart of an easy life, this is desperately uneasy theatre.

“I’ve been trying to spin straw into gold. It doesn’t seem to be working yet. I’ve been watching seven ravens flying around and around and around. I’ve been splitting hairs and spitting feathers and fear I’m becoming obsessed. I wore a tail on the bus the other day. No-one knew. I got thinking how in fairy tales when we speak of magic we could also be describing the qualities of money: It’s rare; it changes things; it has the power to transgress. And these stories – known by most of us – are often ugly little fuckers. Outsiders always come a cropper, whilst fair young maiden’s get rescued into the big strong arms of a woodcutter; who then finds out he’s a prince; and then rich beyond all dreams. And that, quite simply, pisses me off. See I like trolls, I’ve loved more than a couple in my time. Plus I believe in witches. Not happy modern pagans, but vengeful old crones with hairy warts and visible lice and an unhealthy interest in baking. And A Forest is a seance of sorts, in that it invokes all foul creatures might join us. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a tale of the woods. I’m stealing the words of a very good pop song: this one goes deep.”

Robert Pacitti

something, something, something… happily ever after

World Premiere: Thurs 8th Sept 2005 – Sat 23rd Sept 2005
Camden People’s Theatre, London