Use this page to find out about current job opportunities, internships, placements and volunteering with Pacitti Company. Opportunities exist around our rolling work, Think Tank activities and the SPILL Festival of Performance. Join our mailing list at the bottom of the page to make sure you find out first when we have something new on offer. 

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As you may have seen over the last couple of months we have been host to the Older Artist Group, which now has a regular spot at the Think Tank in Ipswich.

Do you fancy convening your own Artist Group locally? Want to meet regularly for discussion in a relaxed and informal environment? If you do then then we want to hear from you. Hit us up with your idea by emailing your interest to and we can start a dialogue.

"Facilitating the Older Artist Group has been an excellent opportunity to share work, ideas and discuss the dilemmas of continuing to sustain and run your practice as an older artist.  The group was founded after many conversations with older artists who expressed a common need to have a safe space to meet.  We have found this space at the Think Tank and it is fantastic to be able to have monthly meetings to share our experiences and size the opportunities that are out there for the Older Artist."

- Giovanna Maria Casetta on hosting the Older Artist Group at the Think Tank.


We only offer internships when we can pay for them. Usually this is when we participate in a scheme that enables us to do so, or when a person wishing to intern is on a scheme that provides them with paid resource for an experience which we can then facilitate.

We are experienced hosts for people seeking a placement for a school or college course, or professional development scheme. Recent placements with us include an arts manager from India on a British Council funded trip, and a student from a local university undertaking their second year degree course placement. 

To find out more about interns or placements please contact 



We believe that volunteering only really works when it is two-way and everybody benefits. Because of this our best-practice volunteering opportunities at the Think Tank are put together as a bespoke arrangement with each person that offers to lend a hand. If you are interested in volunteering we would love to speak with you. Volunteering might include directly assisting artists, invigilating, helping with promotion, or assisting us in something that helps other artists and audiences, such as the Think Tank Library. 

We are keen to hear from you if you are enthusiastic about contemporary art, keen to develop your knowledge (but you don’t have to be an art expert to get involved), happy to volunteer as part of a small team or on your own, committed yet flexible, punctual, and can be a welcoming and approachable advocate for Pacitti Company. We value diversity and welcome applicants from all backgrounds and abilities. 

If you would like to volunteer please contact

“What a wonderful volunteer experience I had, it was an absolute blast!” 

- A recent volunteer