A live performance, film and sound work exploring what happens when a body dies. 

Evidence of Life after Death comprises three ‘outputs’ a book, an audio CD and a live performance, each with equal staus, they are all a publication. The book contains lyrics and texts from the performance. The audio CD contains lyrics and texts from the performance. The book also contains explanatory notes, images and research ephemera collated during the process of making the work, along essay by Andrea Phillips.


If we were to burn down all the buildings, poison our memories, obliterate nostalgia, undo all social connections, destroy our anatomy and finally assign our useless bodies to a place marked ‘redundant’, what traces of relevance might we find in the void ?
To make a work exploring death and dying is not an easy task.I am not interested in constructing a range of images which do no more than demonstrate grief. I have actively dismissed that which I consider to be a Victorian response to death and all the Gothic trappings that accompany such a view. I am not interested in horror, and yet I find my latest work a deeply frightening series of strategic conclusions to the task I set myself, to explore death and dying in both social, terms and also cellular themes.
- Robert Pacitti


  • Artistic Director – Robert Pacitti
  • Performers – Carolyn Roy, Delory Williams, Juliet Robson, Robert Pacitti, 
  • With member of Sadler’s Wells over 60’s performance group
  • Lighting design + technical director – Justin O’ Shaughnessy
  • Soundtrack – lyrics / vocals Robert Pacitti
  • Music – Adrian Jones, Robert Pacitti, Esther Pacitti