FINALE (2001)


Finale by Pacitti Company + special guests. Photo  Luiz Fernando Lobo

Finale by Pacitti Company + special guests. Photo  Luiz Fernando Lobo


A question, to leave hanging in the air…  

What does it mean to commit murder?

For Finale Pacitti Company joined forces with sensational Swiss cult electronica band Velma to bring you one from the heart: a series of highly visceral performances shown in intense site-specific locations around the world.

Abstracting the 1867 Emile Zola text ‘Therese Raquin’ Finale dispensed with narrative structure and character, in order to prioritise the themes of the book – deception, lust, spite and domination. This was theatre full of sexual obsessions and jealous distractions played out against the hypnotic repetitions of Velmas minimalist soundwork. Pacitti Company reveled in the dirt of Zola’s text and – true to form – Finale was compelling and explicit, uncompromising and cruel.

“I simply applied to living bodies the analytical method that surgeons apply to corpses”  Emile Zola on the process of writing ‘Therese Raquin’, 1867

Finale was originally toured as a performance within an exhibition within a theatre. The audience entered a theatre space to be met by a curated exhibition on the white walls of a cube standing in the centre of the space. Entering behind these walls the audience then got up close and personal with the live work. Over time this form shifted, and Finale was latterly shown as the result of a site-specific workshop residency. Pacitti Company worked with local practitioners on issues around Manifestos and the Explicit Body to develop content, and then – also responding to the site – placed the workshop participants outcomes in relation to the existing Finale materials. This radical approach to collaboration and the public reframing of an existing piece always produced startling results and turned Finale from a touring performance work into a living library of radical ideas and provocative actions accumulating around the world.


“Rattles the nerves of even the most hardened experimental theatre-goer.”  
 Real Time Magazine, Australia


Finale was performed internationally between 2001 and 2010.