A solo show performed by Sheila Ghelani, about freedom of speech, types of speech, and giving voice to that stuff that we don't usually say in pubic.

At a time when freedom of expression is being swept under the carpet, Intermission leads a dirty war on things we should get straight. Things that, quite frankly, by now we should know about each other. Propaganda, indignation and blasphemy all play their part in this purge from Pacitti Company, dealing out false starts, dead ends, and a conviction so crushing it could bring down the house.

World Premiere: SPILL Festival of Performance 22-24 April 2009, 

Soho Theatre, London

Made by Robert Pacitti and Sheila Ghelani. Performed by Sheila Ghelani.
Lighting by Mark Webber. Produced in-house by Pacitti Company