Sealed in a nightclub toilet, behind a door made of hemlock and glass, a diamond tipped cutter is used to etch love poetry.

Shown in the toilets of Crash – a busy nightclub in Vauxhall, South London – Songbird was an attempt to perform something small yet meaningful amidst the full on hedonism of the gay dance scene.

Replacing a toilet cubicle door with a wall of glass Robert Pacitti sealed himself inside a stall and spent eight hours etching William Blake love poetry into the glass door with the tip of a diamond.

O Rose thou art sick. 

The invisible worm, 

That flies in the night 

In the howling storm: 


Has found out thy bed 

Of crimson joy: 

And his dark secret love 

Does thy life destroy.

Undertaken as part of a Live Art Development Agency One to One Bursary. Commissioned by Duckie as part of the Nightbird season.