Photo: Guido Mencari

Photo: Guido Mencari



7 November, 14 November, 21 November, 28 November, 5 December, 12 December

What is live art? Why do some people use their bodies to make it? What is the difference between art and real life? Does art matter? Do our bodies matter? Who controls them?  What would you die for?

Blurring the boundaries between art, theatre, music, film, dance and politics, live art and performance can disrupt and disturb the everyday. 

For those times when it’s hard to give voice to complex ideas around our bodies, our feelings, belief, identity, live art can communicate where sometimes words fail us.

This crash course is for people aged 16 – 19. Looking at what live art and performance are, how they evolved and what they can do, each session will explore significant works from the field and their politics, before physical group exercises across the second half of each evening.

This is for misfits, loud mouths, oddballs, or wannabe artists. There are no auditions, you already have all the skills you need to be passionate and give a damn about the world – we can help with the rest.

WEEK 1 - INTRODUCTION TO LIVE ART (or – what is it?)

What is live art? Where has it come from? Who makes it and why?

WEEK 2 - SHOCKING BODIES (or – you are the material)

What is body based performance? What do we mean by ‘the body as material’?

WEEK 3 - IDENTITY POLITICS (or – you are an activist)

What do we mean by identity politics? How and why are they used to make art?

WEEK 4 - PROCESS (or – how to make live art)

What do we mean by process-led? What do we mean by research?

WEEK 5 - TIME + SPACE (or – durational work and site specific work)

What do we mean by time and space, or site specific? Why do artists work with them?

WEEK 6 - YOU’RE A STAR BABY (or – early professional development)

How to pursue a future making performance and live art 

November 7
November 16