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Come along to this salon and hear about the evolution and development of the Pyre Parade - a public purging of bad news, a celebration of letting go and moving forward. The Pyre Parade will add a mass participation event to SPILL, focused on peace. It is designed to take place at a peak moment within the festival - at nightfall on the Saturday night of SPILL’s final weekend. A high visibility, region wide call out will invite thousands of potential participants to submit bad news - divorce papers, bank statements, colouring in that has gone over the edges - to a commissioned sculpted structure positioned centrally somewhere in Ipswich. On the evening of the live event, the bad news will be paraded through the town accompanied by musicians, floats and costumed participants, arriving at Christchurch Park, where the structure will be burned. This will take place directly before the town’s annual fireworks display, sharing some infrastructure with that event. A shared purging of woe before winter and mass public wish for peace.

This salon brings together artist Robert Pacitti who conceived of the Pyre Parade, with archaeologist Lucy Walker, participant and co-creator Mark Offord with members of the public, for a free-flowing conversation about how the Pyre Parade has developed.

This event is for anyone with an interest in the role of ritual, the heritage of the area, outdoor work, public participation, masks, effigies, and how to get permission to burn stuff.

Bottled beer and wine by the glass on sale.

About Mark
Mark Offord lives on the Shotley Peninsula and struggles to trace his family gene pool wider than the county bounds. His background is in the graphic arts and he has collaborated with writer Justin Hopper and long term creative partner Stefan Musgroveon 'I Made Some Low Inquiries', walked with psychogeographer Phil Smith, played with folk collective The Owl Service, recorded with Dom Cooper for ‘A Year In The Country’ and presented ‘Strand’ -a guided silent walk connecting the landscape and the brokenbrainfor SPILL Festival. Mark is currently developing new ritual walking works with artist Robert Pacitti, and exploring the hidden nature of Suffolk's arcane landscape with researcher and writer Jeremy Taylor.

About Lucy
Lucy is an archaeologist and landscape historian interested in engaging with people about social and cultural issues to do with Heritage. She uses archaeology, landscape, history and museum collections to provoke responses to contemporary issues and works with artists, musicians, writers, scientists and community groups to create innovative and imaginative projects, reaching out to new audiences. Throughout her career she has created and taught adult education courses and devised and lead study tours exploring human engagement in landscape and place. Lucy became a Think Tank Associate in 2013, engaging with people in and around Ipswich to explore what heritage is about, provoke discussion, and encourage connections between artists, thinkers, scientists and heritage resources. Lucy is currently working with Robert Pacitti on The Art & Science of Living & Dying, a long term body of research, development and making as part of the SPILL Body Lab.

Earlier Event: 8 August
Later Event: 15 August