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with contributions from Suffolk Mind, Outreach Youth, Future Female Society, ISCRE, NEACO, Suffolk Libraries, SWISS Group, NNF Bridge and SPILL Festival.



2 May


How can arts and voluntary organisations, educators and activists maximise shared opportunities and work together towards meaningful social change, particularly in relation to serving young people in Ipswich and the surrounding area?

‘Young people’s behaviour – like all human behaviour – is driven by emotional needs which have to be met. Young people need healthy opportunities to meet emotional needs for community, to feel safe and in control of their lives, giving and receiving attention, status, achievement and meaning and purpose. Services, arts projects and policy decision-making has to be informed by this understanding if they are to be effective at providing safe and healthy opportunities for young people to meet those needs.’ - Suffolk Mind

This free flow conversation includes contributions from folk running Suffolk Mind, Outreach Youth, Future Female Society, ISCRE, NEACO, UOS, Suffolk Libraries, Craig from SWISS Group, Rachel from NNF Bridge and SPILL Festival.

For this conversation we will be adopting a format called The Long Table  This started life as a performance project developed by artist Lois Weaver. It’s like going to a dinner party around one long table, but instead of having food it is conversation that is served. Anyone in the room can take a seat at the table and speak. And anyone in the room can tap people at the table on the shoulder and take their place. So if you agree with someone and want to take their point further you can. Or if you disagree, or don’t hear your views spoken by anyone else, you can also take a place and bring it to the table.

The event is chaired by young people to hold the space and explain the etiquette:

  • Anyone seated at the table can participate in the conversation

  • Talk is the only course

  • But a host may assist you

  • It is a democracy

  • To participate simply take an empty seat at the table

  • If the table is full you can request a seat

  • If you leave the table you can come back again and again

  • Feel free to write your comments, thoughts & questions on the tablecloth

  •  There can be silence

  • There might be awkwardness

  • There could always be laughter

  • There is an end but no conclusion

Earlier Event: 1 May
Later Event: 8 May