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2 May


How can voluntary organisations and activists maximise shared opportunities and work together towards meaningful social change, particularly in relation to serving young people in Ipswich and the surrounding area?

‘Young people’s behaviour – like all human behaviour – is driven by emotional needs which have to be met. Young people need healthy opportunities to meet emotional needs for community, to feel safe and in control of their lives, giving and receiving attention, status, achievement and meaning and purpose. Services, arts projects and policy decision-making has to be informed by this understanding if they are to be effective at providing safe and healthy opportunities for young people to meet those needs.’ - Suffolk Mind

This free flow conversation includes contributions from folk running Suffolk Mind, Outreach Youth, Future Female Society, ISCRE, NEACO, UOS, Suffolk Libraries, Craig from SWISS Group, Rachel from NNF Bridge and SPILL Festival.


Suffolk Mind

Suffolk Mind works across the continuum, from wellbeing to ‘severe and enduring’ mental ill-health, providing support & information for everyone. Click on the diagram below for more information on each aspect of the continuum.

Outreach Youth

Outreach youth is committed to enabling Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer and Questioning (LGBT*Q+) young people and their peers, to realise their unique potential and to take a positive role in society, through their involvement and participation in social and informal education youth work opportunities.

Future Female Society

Future Female Society is a Community Interest Company (CIC) - we exist specifically to close the gap in inequalities for women and girls; to help to raise self-esteem and confidence levels and to help the amazing women and girls of our community to reach their full potential.


ISCRE (the Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality) became a registered charity in 1996, having started in 1977 under the name ‘Ipswich & District Committee for Community Relations’. In 1982 the name changed to ‘Ipswich and District Community Relations Council’ and again in 1987 to its present name, ISCRE.

ISCRE runs culturally-informed interventions to support individuals and organisations in the statutory, private and voluntary sectors, to understand the extent and nature of inequality experienced by individuals and groups in fields such as the criminal justice system, housing, employment, education, health and social care. The aim is to encourage them to implement policies and practices which will eliminate discrimination and promote equality of opportunity, and good relations, between all persons.


The Network for East Anglian Collaborative Outreach (neaco) aims to help young people from East Anglia with little or no experience of university to explore the world of higher education. We work with students in years 9-13 who live in areas identified by the Government with low rates of progression to higher education.

University of Suffolk - Dr Shamser Sinha 

Shamser was previously employed at Goldsmiths College as a researcher on the EU Margins project studying the experiences of young migrants in Europe. He has also researched at the University of East London, London South Bank University, City University, Sheffield University and Manchester University. Previous teaching experience includes a range of courses in Sociology and Health and Social Care at the University of East London, London South Bank University and Manchester University. Other roles include Co-Convenor of the British Sociological Association Race and Ethnicity Study Group.

Shamser has researched and published on youth, separated and unaccompanied young asylum seekers and refugees, racism, post-colonialism, health and social care and teenage sexuality.

Suffolk Libraries

Suffolk Libraries is a charity which delivers the community, prison and mobile library service in Suffolk. Suffolk Libraries’ vision is to transform lives through access to knowledge, promote lifelong learning and strengthen communities by meeting their needs. Building Libraries on Creativity -  BLOC is Suffolk Libraries youth led Arts Council Funded National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) programme which looks to develop libraries over the next 3 years as creative community spaces. Using creativity as a catalyst for social change, BLOC is continuing to grow its artist development offer and the programme has a successful youth council strand which aims to effect change and look at how libraries can best support their communities for future.

SWISS Group - Craig D'Cunha 

The SWISS partnership is a group of Suffolk schools that work together for the benefit of its pupils learning and development.

NNF Bridge 

NNF Bridge are one of ten national Bridge organisations who have secured investment from Arts Council England and the Department for Education to connect children and young people with great arts and culture. We work across Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Peterborough and Suffolk, supporting and developing strong cultural education networks and partnerships, ensuring children and young people’s creative and cultural experiences are the most valuable they can be and acting as a leading hub of useful information to inspire cultural education practitioners.

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