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Friday 7 June - Sunday 9 June

7 June - 2pm-6pm

8 June - 11am-6pm

9 June - 11am-4pm

This Tarot Weekender will be a weekend course focusing on the Tarot Major Arcana and associated mythology and symbolism, hosted by Robert Pacitti and Diana Granger-Taylor. 

The weekender will step through how you can work out how to harness the Fool's journey, take part in hands on exercises, and take away the tools to work independently.

An illustrated journey through the Major Arcana of the Tarot, exploring archetypes and developing a blueprint for spiritual unfoldment and awakening. Different decks will be referenced including our very own SPILL deck, demonstrating how the creative visions of individual authors evoke and trigger a universal recognition of life experiences. These sessions are for everyone and no previous experience is required. 

About Diana

Diana Granger-Taylor, a keen bookworm from the age of three, her interest in Tarot was sparked as a teenager, when she received a book on Dali’s Tarot and a IJJ Swiss deck as birthday presents. Her interest in esoteric subjects and comparative religion grew over the next decade, fuelled by travels in Asia and studies in Europe.  

From Australian and Filipina heritage, and growing up living in various countries around the world as a ‘third culture kid’, Diana became adept at understanding cross-cultural dynamics. After 16 years of corporate professional life, Diana worked full time for the best part of a decade as a Tarot consultant, counsellor, and teacher. Now working full time for a wine producer, she still practices as a Tarotist. 

Trained in the Western ceremonial magical tradition and by some of the world’s leading Tarot teachers, Diana’s global reputation as a respected Tarot practitioner was built through working with the Tarot for over twenty years. She was a founder member and supporter of Tarot Professionals and maintains a daily correspondence with professional Tarotists around the world. In 2008, was headhunted by Treadwell’s Books in London, where she read and ran courses on Tarot and Kabbalah. Most recently, Diana translated from French a rare monograph by Moreau de Dammartin, which influenced Éliphas Lévi in his development of correspondences between the Hebrew letters and Tarot trumps. Diana has also lectured and run workshops on these subjects at various other festivals, venues and has served as a Tarot consultant and special artist on a major motion picture, a TV documentary series, and a show for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.  

Diana has had the pleasure of working with the SPILL Festival and Pacitti Company on several projects over the last several years, including performing the first ever reading with the SPILL Tarot deck.  

Earlier Event: 5 June
Later Event: 10 June