GORGE is a performance and meal experience by London-based producing collaborative I’m With You (IWY).

Bringing bodies around dinner tables for a messy, politically-charged encounter with other eating bodies, we aim to consider how we take things in – artistically as well as physically. GORGE asks guests to the table to share a “meal” – partly material food, partly an idea to munch on. 

I’m With You is Christa Holka, R. Justin Hunt and Johanna Linsley (Think Tank Associate), with a rotating community of collaborators. They produce events about the domestic, the queer, occupation and labour. I’m With You has been at the Hayward Gallery, New York University, and a series of gardens, kitchens, basements, nightclubs and a bungalow community on a crumbling cliff.

Entry includes 2 course meal, suitable for vegetarians. (Bottled beer and wine by the glass on sale)