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Blood and Guts forms part of TABOO, an ongoing Pacitti Company Think Tank strand exploring the edges of obedience and culture.

Artists jamie lewis hadley and Martin O’Brien discussed how they approach the performance of pain, cutting/blood, medical equipment and their recent intergenerational collaborations with Franko B (jamie) and Sheree Rose (Martin).

Artist Bio:

Jamielewishadley is a London based artist, who since completing his BA and Masters in Theatre and Performance at the University of Plymouth, he has shown work across the UK, South Africa, Canada, North America and mainland Europe. jamie lewis hadley is a live artist, professional wrestler and medical guinea pig. His most recent project involves highlighting the history of bloodletting as a medical practice.


Martin O’Brien’s work considers existence with a severe chronic illness within our contemporary situation. Martin suffers from cystic fibrosis and his practice uses physical endurance, hardship and pain based practices to challenge common representations of illness and examine what it means to be born with a life threatening disease. His work is an act of resistance to illness, an attempt at claiming agency and a celebration of his body. Martin loves his body and his work is a form of sufferance in order to survive.


Artist Website:


Martin O’Brien



Session Notes

Artist Presentation – Martin O’Brien


Earlier Event: 5 September