An Archaeologist, a Technologist and a Sci-Fi Writer walk into a bar…

John M. Bowers works with home-brew electronics, self-made instruments and reconstructions of antique image and sound-making devices, alongside contemporary digital technology. He is concerned with making performance environments, which combine sound, vision and human gesture at a fundamentalmaterial level.

Johanna Linsley is an artist, researcher and producer with an interdisciplinary approach focusing on performance. She is part of the London-based live art producing team I’m With You, which investigates queerness, domesticity, private life and public space. She is also a founding partner of UnionDocs, a centre for experimental documentary in Brooklyn, New York. She received a PhD in performance studies from Queen Mary, University of London, and also studied at Smith College.

Johanna’s work is iterative and research-based. It often centres around projects with multiple versions or outcomes. Themes that run through this work include documentation and archives, labels and classification, domesticity, and sexuality. An interest in the speculative and fantastical underlies this work.

Lucy Walker is an archaeologist and landscape historian, with a background in developer-funded and research fieldwork in UK and Italy, adult education and archaeological tourism.


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Lucy Walker – Artists Presentation

Johanna Linsley – Artist Presentation