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On the night before Valentine’s, artist The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein spoke about her extraordinary work in relation to obsession.

A self-titled witch, womaniser, childbearer and superstar, The Famous creates large-scale choreographic abominations that interrogate constructions of femininity in what she calls ‘post-feminist society’. Her work explodes notions of desire, domestication and victimisation in unexpected ways. On this night she spoke of why and how she makes the explicit, risk-taking challenging work she does, and her latest work SPLAT!


On Obsession forms part of TABOO, an ongoing Pacitti Company Think Tank strand exploring the edges of obedience and culture.


Artist Bio:

The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein is a dirty slut. We went to high school together, and I once saw her killing babies under thE bleachers. She always thought I hated Her because I was jealous of her perfect cunt and her Fame. Now who’s jealous, bitch? I’m married, pregnant, and a reaL woman, and she’s still A filthy whore with a big Jewish nose and no boyfriend. KeeP crying about Your loneliness, you big-titted disaster. Just because you’re a “Choreographer”who’s presented at SPILL Festival of Performance, Fierce Festival, Duckie, Fresh AiR, FEM Fest, Chelsea Theatre, blah blah blah, doesn’t justify your sluttY shock-value, too-cool-for-School, shitty “art”.


Artist Website:

Lauren Barri Holstein



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Earlier Event: 6 February
Later Event: 21 February