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What goes on behind the scenes at the Ipswich Museum?

Hear from a selection of people who work there to find out more about what they do and who they are. The Tea Talks are a series of public discussions between artist Robert Pacitti and different members of the Museum team, over afternoon tea.


In this discussion we will meet staff from the Ipswich Museum Visitor Services team. We will talk about what dimension of serving the public are specific to museums, hear how visitors respond to the collection and what that means for the Museum, and we will ask why can’t visitors touch stuff?


The Tea Talks promise relaxed yet engaging afternoon activities. Members of the public are invited to hear structured discussions, before being invited to join in and ask questions. By exploring topics such as conservation, what drives Museum staff, their favourite Museum items, or the role of history in contemporary life, the Tea Talks will bring life at the Museum out into the community in new ways and encourage new conversations around the Ipswich collection.


These Tea Talks are for anyone with an interest in Ipswich, museums, people, heritage, research, or even just good tea and cake